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About Scamwatch

ScamWatch Nigeria  is a Scam Reportage platform specialized in creating awareness for Nigerians in the areas of both online and offline Scams and disrupt them.
Our mandate is also to share information about Scams regularly and to deliver a coordinated awareness campaign against Scams to citizens.

ScamWatch Nigeria is registered as an advocacy based Non-Governmental Organization in Nigeria ( Network against Scam & Cyber Crime CAC/IT/NO:114661 ).

Mission Statement:

To advocate and create awareness against Scam & Cyber crime and to foster Cybersecurity in Nigeria through awareness creation.

Objectives of ScamWatch Nigeria:

  1. To Educate Nigerians on what a Scam is
  2. To Help them to identify a Scam
  3. To Protect them against new Scams
  4. To Expose existing Scams to the Public and also the relevant anti Scam/Fraud Units
  5. To Assist the relevant security agencies in apprehending Scammers
  6. To Disrupt an impending or ongoing Scam where possible