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Cybersecurity, Scam & Cybercrime Awareness

Religious Scam

06 October 2018

Religious scammers often exploit the gullibility of unsuspecting followers by brandishing the Bible or Quran or any other Holy book for that matter and quoting texts and  verses thereof, in a desperate attempt to make them (their followers) believe that blessings, riches, forgiveness, prosperity, health, success and in fact, all good things will come to them ONLY IF they part with their money or property.

Fake Charities

06 October 2018

Scammers take advantage of the generosity and open heart of philantropic people to make them victims of fake charity scams.

They usually impersonate genuine charity organizations with fake documents, websites or social media pages and seek for donations or contact you claiming to collect money after natural disasters, wars or major events.

Job & Employment Scam

06 October 2018

The unemployment rate in Nigeria has been on a steady rise daily, where the jobs are available, the pay is either too small or not paid at all.

According to data published by the National Bureau of statistics, Nigeria's unemployment rate went up by 18.80% in the fourth quater of 2017.

Online Shopping Scam

02 August 2018

Online shopping scams involve scammers pretending to be legitimate online sellers, either with fake shopping websites or social media pages on facebook,instagram, twitter etc.


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